Alternative Approaches: Link Into Better Health
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Alternative Approaches: Link Into Better Health

The body is a holistic being. It needs to be nurtured and treated as a single entity rather than separate parts. As a naturopath, I am acutely aware of the ways in which imbalance in one part of the body can cause pain and discomfort in other seemingly unrelated body parts. I am currently studying to become a chiropractor and these links are becoming even more obvious to me. Over the years, family and friends who were initially sceptical about my medical advice have been amazed by the results when they combine alternative therapies with conventional medicine. I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who could benefit from a different approach to their health. I have started this blog to merely inform about the possibilities and allow readers to make up their own minds. Enjoy reading and best of health to you all!


Alternative Approaches: Link Into Better Health

Get off the couch - why working on the couch can be a pain in the neck!

Tamara Fox

While working from home can have many benefits including a great ability to balance your work-life commitments and a reduced commute, there are also some downsides. If you give into temptation and work from the couch while streaming your favourite shows, you can run into some of the following issues.

Lack of concentration

While it may seem like you always need to multitask at work, the truth is most people are not that great at multitasking. If you stay on the couch, it can be tempting to watch TV and check into social media, and you may end up doing less work than planned. It can be much easier to work at a desk with some dedicated breaks set, so that you can get up and stretch, do some other tasks or make some calls to check in with friends and colleagues.

Pain in the neck or back

Your posture working on the couch tends to be slumped, which can lead to neck pain over time. Setting up your laptop in a proper stand gives you the ability to do a full work shift without ending up cramped or calling a chiropractic clinic like Coogee Chiropractic in tears! If you do need to check on some emails from the couch after hours sometime, try and stretch before and after working on your computer to avoid strain. It's usually easier to maintain a comfortable position if you stay upright as well, rather than slumping or laying down.

Finding it hard to switch off

If you work from home it can be harder to switch off, and rather to keep working all hours of the day and night. If this happens to you, try and have a walk or visit the gym at the end of the work day to give a definite end to your work day. Try and have an area set up to work rather than using your living areas to work in - even if it's just a corner of the kitchen table you have set aside for a workspace.

Working from home can be a great way to take advantage of your workplace flexibility and flick the commute to get some quality time in. Making sure you have a comfortable and well set up workspace in your home not only helps you to keep focused but also stops you from getting injured at home. If you do get neck pain, be sure to see a chiropractor as soon as possible to get it fixed.